Frequently Asked Questions

I need a food truck, how do I know who’s available?

If you fill out the form on our “Book” page, it will be sent to all of our members. Available members will contact you directly to talk prices etc.

Do I need to use a commissary or can I just cook on my mobile unit?

The answer to this question is based on your menu and where you get your health permit. Chesterfield County & City of Richmond (for now) allow self-contained units but Henrico County DOES NOT. Many owners find it easier to handle larger events working out of a commissary.

Where can I find a commissary to rent? How much is it?

Richmond is very limited in this aspect right now. There are only a few and they are mostly located in the suburbs. Rates depend on your usage and run from $400-$800/month. Alternatively, you can call churches that have commercial kitchens and even some restaurants. We cannot provide a list here as locations constantly change.

How much does it cost to join the Association? Are fees prorated?

Fees for the year are set at the 1st meeting of the year and average around $200 for the year. We do not prorate fees.

I’m looking to start my own Food Truck. What licenses do I need?

You have to get a Health Permit and at least one business license. Rules and restrictions vary widely between the localities. Typically owners get their health permit in the same locality they are based out of. If you’re base out of Richmond then you must go through the Richmond Health District for your health permit and the Dept. of Finance for your business license. Links are provided below for each locality.